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The Holy Land Trip That Was Not to Be

Our family was scheduled to leave for Israel this week.  We’d be meeting up with others, on our own a bit, planning on a really grand time.

Then the missiles started falling.

It’s not like they haven’t been falling, but often, it’s in remote border towns of the south (or the north) where most tourists don’t go.  Israelis have been killed, and their property destroyed by missiles launched from the Palestinian stronghold of Gaza, whose terrorist-leaders will not stop until every Jew is annihilated.  Fortunately, up until this time, the terrorists’ weaponry (and aim) were not the top-of-the-line.  When a couple of wayward (or were they wayward?) missiles hit near Tel Aviv and near Jerusalem, it gave one pause for thought.

Citizens running inside toward bomb shelters, the “sealed rooms” that I remember so well from the first Gulf War in 1991, as I sat for hours in my gas mask in Israel.  When the tour company contacted us and asked if we might wish to postpone, “under the circumstances”, the thought that we might all be killed just never dawned on us.


There’s really not a whole lot happening as of this moment.  But that could change five minutes from now.

Israel is massing tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers on the southern border.  I have non-profit works in these areas that I wished to show to my children.  Maybe not.  I’m not sure how they’d  do if we had to run to a sealed room, or a bomb shelter.  And sit for hours.  And see nothing of the country, a big waste of time and money.

So it was with heavy hearts that we agreed to postpone.  As we say at Passover, “Next year in Jerusalem”.

Our prayers are with Israel.  You have a right to exist, and I can only hope that the United Nations takes note of the current aggression toward you as certain votes come up toward the end of November.

“Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps” (Psalm 121:4).



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Sorry about your postponed trip, and Israel’s troubles! Praying that everyone stay safe and you get back there soon.

    • avatar admin says:

      If it were just me, I would not have a major problem in going. But to plan a trip with family and friends means greater responsibility and thinking of all of the what-ifs. I think we’ll probably always wonder if we did the right thing in postponing. Thanks for your words of support, Shelley.

  2. avatar Greg says:

    I was just thinking about all of you this morning as I watched the news. Sorry you aren’t going but glad that you are not!

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