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The Iron, the Toaster, and the Bible

1bWe just passed the one-year anniversary of my father’s passing, resulting in some contemplation on my part.  Many of his and my mother’s things were requisitioned by his surviving wife, and I have grown somewhat philosophical about physical mementos.  This led to considering ordinary, everyday items that came to me over the years from my parents.

The iron landed in our possession around the time we were married.  Washing and ironing my husband’s shirts, it was the least my mother could do. 

She was very protective of her irons over the years.  I recall as a child, an older Polish woman, Mrs. Golki, coming to our home to iron.  She would sprinkle the mounds of laundered clothing and linens, happily ironing for hours. 

As I became a young adult, my mother allowed me to iron the occasional item, always letting me know thatil_570xN.166989006 I was somehow not ironing correctly.  Guilty.  Yet, she glimpsed domestic poential in me, and hence, the heavy, General Electric iron came my way.  I use the iron in one of our homes to this day and, heavy though it may be, it always brings a smile to my face.

The toaster was admired by Benedetto for years.  He marveled at the silver bullet-like design.  One year, when my parents were retiring and moving from the area, my mother presented him with the toaster.  For me, it was so retro as to be embarrassing, however, my husband was thrilled with yet another GE product.  Knowing him, he probably went out and promptly bought stock in the company….

oldwornbible_smallerDuring my last visit in the year before he died, Dad gave me my mother’s Bible.  She had passed away about a dozen years prior, and this was very meaningful.  Running my hand over the well-worn pages and notes in the front and back covers, it also struck me as an everyday item, elevated in importance, while speaking meaning to the most mundane situations.

Echoing the iron and the toaster, if either ever failed, which they have not in over three decades of use, the Scripture would be there to provide “fresh bread” also acting as a trusty iron, ready to remove the wrinkles of life around me. 

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for lasting legacies both great and small.



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