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The Islamization of America

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For now, America is underwhelming me. And that’s a shame, because you could not find someone more patriotic than moi. Yet, we have a president who seems divorced from reality and an increasing numbers of institutions intent on promoting Islam in America.

I’m all for freedom of religion. Live and let live. But don’t go promoting a religion that subjugates syria-jihad-captive-womenwomen, whose holy book urges violence against non-Muslims. And it starts in America’s highest office.

Take the recent beheadings of Egyptian Christians. The White House referred to them as Egyptian citizens, instead of Christians being slaughtered in cold blood by Muslims. I guess they were random Egyptian citizens.

islamophobe3-450x289This came hot on the heels of the recent National Prayer Breakfast. President Obama reminded gathered Christians that they were not without blame, referring to the atrocities of the Crusades. He linked ISIS with the violent and expansionist Christians of 800 years ago.

Some political figures claimed it was the most offensive prayer breakfast they had ever attended.

But it’s not only the President who is confused. In November, the National Cathedral, an Episcopalian house of worship, opened its doors to hold a Muslim prayer service. By January, Duke University 14177957101961_700announced and then rapidly cancelled its plan to air the Muslim call to prayer from its chapel’s tower, due to the uproar which ensued.

Since when does equality equal encroachment?

thPew Research reports that Muslims comprise only 0.6% of the American adult population. In the very least, the amount of attention given and the bending over backwards of groups to accommodate Islamic practices is disproportionate at best.

In light of horrific Islamic atrocities worldwide, I say it’s time to stop the creeping Islamization of America.


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