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The Kosher Beach Cottage

crPassover is coming, people. It’s only about a month away and I’ve told you about the friends with the beach cottage.

Well, in the Jewish community, Passover break is similar to spring break, only longer. People take about two weeks off to head here or there for a fun and meaningful holiday. Needed: a nearby synagogue, kosher food and family-friendly activities.

Turns out that the friends with the beach house have an inquiry from an Orthodox Jewish family that wants to spend Passover in the cottage, hence, the need for a kosher cottage.

Enter moi.

That would not be the most-advised move, seeing that our family is not Orthodox. My closest call with allcr things extremely kosher came close to one Passover living in Jerusalem when the local rabbis knocked on my door and asked if they could do me any service for the holiday, such as purify my place with fire? They came equipped with blow-torches.

“Oh, well, thank you, but I think I’m good to go…” I stammered in Hebrew.

When I left that morning, I saw some of them in an abandoned lot with a huge cauldron of hot water boiling over a fire. Local housewives were bringing pots and pans and having them koshered for Passover use. You see, Passover kashrut is a bit more intensive than the normal kosher laws.

You know, no leaven in the house? Only matzah. So every crumb of bread-like products must be purged from the home, as well.

crThen you have the milk versus meat plates. Dairy items cannot be placed on the same plates that you would use with meat dishes. The oven has to be purified, the pots and pans. The refrigerator needs separate shelves, specially cleansed, for the proper foods. Even the table needs different placemats or a tablecloth which can be changed, not to mention a two-basin kitchen sink.

It’ a lot of work. That’s why our own Passover celebrations are kosher-lite, lol.

But for now, I’m calculating how many cubits they are from an Orthodox synagogue where at least the crmen need to walk as the sun sets and the holiday begins. Then they can continue to celebrate at home with the Passover seder.

“The Lord is with you,” I tell my friend. “You are less than 2,000 cubits.”

“Excuse me?”

“The cottage is less than 0.596 miles from the nearest Orthodox synagogue,” I inform.

“That’s good, right?”

“That would be yes.”

Pray for us, folks. This is going to be some holiday….


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