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The Little Boy & the Little Free Library

little-free-library_03Leawood, Kansas – A 9-year-old boy and his family started a “Little Free Library” in their front yard and are being ordered by the city to take it down. The small, elevated box with a sign that reads, “Take One, Leave One” is a no-cost, neighborhood lending library.

We first saw this idea in practice in a residential neighborhood in Charleston, SC. Then Benedetto told me that one is near us in Washington, DC. These are neighbors sharing their love of books with other neighbors.

Too cute.

It’s a friendly idea, a fun idea, even an exciting idea when you pop bylittle-free-library1 while on your way to school, or when walking the dog, or out for some exercise, and you see what’s recently turned up. This depicts recycling at its finest, a green idea whose time has come, and sharing a love for learning.

And the city says it must stop.

Why? Because the small box is not attached to the house. Well, neither are mailboxes. Or fountains. Or birdfeeders. Or umbrellaed tables and chairs.

I would suppose that summer is the time of year when regular folks come out to play—they barbeque, and talk with the neighbors, some run through the sprinkler, or lounge by the pool. There is even the occasional lemonade stand where yes, some youngsters will probably be fined for lack of a business permit this summer, too.

little-free-library1Zoning laws help keep order, that’s for sure. I’m not sure that I would want to live next door to a 12-foot tall inflated Santa, or twenty gnomes peeking out from here and there. But a Little Lending Library?

It’s not a health hazard, nor is it a real and present danger in any way. Summer is upon us and we need to keep our perspective. I say let them drink lemonade and read books.

Apparently, the Little Free Library movement is a trend across our country (http://littlefreelibrary.org/). Who knew? It encourages parents to read to their children… and obviously, for communities to come together. In my opinion, that’s not something to be outlawed, but to be applauded.

Do you have a Little Free Library near you?



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