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The Lost Art of Being Nice

helpingI believe in intentional living: to every day tell someone you love them, you care for them, you have their back, you’re on their side. It’s simple humanity.

Bottom line: being nice matters.

It might be extending kindness to a stranger and certainly we should never ignore the ones we love. Or supposedly love. Did you say good morning? Did you say goodnight? Did you have five minutes to truly listen and care?

Oh? How am I? Fine, thank you for asking.

In a fast-paced routine, being nice often gets kicked to the curb. Why? It doesn’t take a lot of time, it often takes no expense. You simply Be-Nice-Road-step off the auto-pilot, step off the treadmill of life… and care. Go outside of your comfort zone.

Stop paying attention only to the squeaky wheel. See the one slaving day after day on your behalf and say: Thank you. I appreciate it. Wow, you’re amazing. Let me put some other things on hold and help you. Or take you out… before I do anything else… rather than “if I have the time”.

Being nice could be a smile. Telling someone they look good. Asking how they are. Simple courtesies.

For many, it’s a lost art, just to be nice. Think of life with no art, nothing beautiful around you, whether flowers in a vase, a fragrant candle, an attractive pillow, curtains, a picture on the wall.

Without kindness, you have a spare expanse, not just minimalistic, but minimalistic-minus.

Why live in the minus when you can move into the plus zone of positivity? Be nice today. To everyone. Those you love, to those you don’t, to strangers, to yourself.


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