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The Monday Mug Club: #10

Winnie, our bio-mom and adoptive-mom correspondent from the north, has an amazing story of a mug with twists and turns, worthy of a mystery novel.  She writes:

“I am not one to collect mugs, I don’t have tourist mugs, or ones that say “world’s best mom” or anything like that.  I have the ones that match my very plain beige stoneware daily dishes and the cups and saucers that go with my wedding china.  However I did aquire this mug and as of yet it hasn’t migrated to the camper or to the shelves of unused dishes in the pantry.  This mug has a crazy story.

“Just after Hubby and I married, I found this at a Christmas Expo put on by the Junior League.  I thought it great for my husband’s grandmother as she had a bird feeder by her dining room window that was constantly being raided by squirrels all winter.  I don’t think it made a huge impression on her, but what do you get a 78 year old woman for Christmas anyway?  A decade passes with me seeing and drinking out of it when we’d go to visit.

“Somehow in Grandma’s mind, the story is twisted around, and a buddy of my husband’s gave the mug to him and it got left at her house.  I correct her a couple of times, because really she’s not senile, just has too many kids, grandkids, and great grandkids to keep things  straight and the mug stays at her house.

“The last time we went to visit, though, she was insistent that we take the mug… because it actually belongs to my husband!  My husband, ever the peace-maker, packs the mug in our suitcase and it comes home.

“So somehow I have been given back the mug I purchased, because it belonged to my husband in the first place.  I don’t think it counts as re-gifting, as over a decade passed between the initial gift and the return, but then the story of where it came from became all crazy, too.”

Well, Winnie, we have eccentric family members, but I think your story takes the cake.  Or the squirrel.  Or the seed!  Thanks for giving all of us a chuckle.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Keeps those mugs and teacups coming….



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  1. avatar meant2be says:

    My husband would also be a “put the mug in your suitcase kinda guy”.
    There is a time when I would have insisted it stayed.
    Now I am taking notes from Grandma. What an innovative way to give back gifts without hurting anyone’s feelings :O)

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