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The Monday Mug Club: #11

This week’s mug entry is in honor of Ivanka, adopting her second 15-year-old in Ukraine in under three months’ time.  It’s addictive, I tell you, just like coffee.  No matter that this mug is from Moscow, it’s the closest I could get on short notice.

They must have them in Kyiv.  I mean, it used to be that Americans hung out in foreign lands at places like McDonald’s, or TGIFridays (please don’t admit to me if you still do…), but nowadays it’s more like Starbucks.  And when you see the price list for a cup of coffee in this expat getaway, you’ll wonder why you didn’t save the splurge for New Year’s Eve….

This particular mug comes from when I was bringing our girls home a couple of years ago.  Benedetto had already gone through court, left the region, then left Moscow, heading home.  For some reason, I had never thought of bringing him a mug, but he loves big mugs of tea and small demitasses of espresso.  Go figure.

I’m not even sure if I bought myself a coffee that day, or not.  With the purchase of the mug, they already had the downpayment on the kids’ college fund, squandered in Russian rubles with one fell swoop.  If the mug kept their father happy, it was worth it.  After all, ignorance could be repaired, while happiness was fleeting.

In general, Benedetto likes Starbucks.  He likes their coffee brews and he likes their service, often wondering why Americans take five or ten minutes to bring one cappuccino that would be tamped, steamed, frothed, and served in two minutes flat anywhere else in the world.  I’ll discuss his love affair with Starbucks another day, but suffice it to say, he liked the mug.

The huge size could do double-duty for parents needing a wash basin for babies, not to mention you could wash pots and pans in it, if on a camping trip.  It might require a suitcase of its own to transport it home, but this way, all you’d need is one cup of coffee per day.

Here’s hoping that my Moskva mug makes you think of faraway places and brings you a Happy Monday!



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