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The Monday Mug Club Begins

I don’t drink coffee, well, at least not the leaded stuff.  Water-processed decaf is my beverage of choice, probably because then I’ll get to buy a pretty mug.  Of course, hot chocolate or tea are good options, as well.

Life was not always so.  During my 20s and 30s, I lived around the world drinking everything from dark, Turkish coffee to something called in another language “mud”, due to the coffee’s thick consistency.  This all came to a screeching halt a year or two after my fortieth birthday when I was diagnosed with two small breast lumps.

Referred to a surgeon, he informed me that the only way they could do a biopsy was to operate and remove the mini-marbles.  My knees turned to mush and I felt like fainting.

“How much coffee do you drink?” the surgeon asked.

“A lot,” I said, surprised at the topic of conversation.

“How much—two or three cups a day?  You can tell me, I’m Italian—cappuccino, espresso, caffe…?”

“A lot,” I repeated, adding, “not cups, mugs.  Many mugs a day.”

“Switch to decaf,” he told me.  “The problem with caffeine is that it can create breast lumps and until we operate, we won’t know if they’re caused by caffeine and benign, or truly cancerous and malignant.”

That day, I switched to decaf, and never looked back.  The Lord was with me and I suffered no withdrawal from the caffeine, truly miraculous in itself, as well as not falling under the curse of cancer.  I had the wristband from a few hours’ hospital visit, but barely even a tiny scar.

While I gave up the coffee, the mugs remained.  I was happy and healthy, and my cups needed to show it.  Amazing how the little things of life become important when a dark shadow passes over one’s life….

Here’s one of my favorite “happy mugs”, bright and cheery, to wish you a wonderful week!  Welcome to The Monday Mug Club.

Write us a few sentences and send in a photo of your favorite mug (or somebody else’s).  We may feature it one day soon.  Happy Monday!



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