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The Monday Mug Club: #3

Sybil shares with us an amazing story of roots and remembrances.  Look at these awesome teacups that she has in her family.  This was back in the day when people thought with an eye to the future, not resorting to souvenirs of gaudy t-shirts and plastic backscratchers.  Look at the delicate detail and the dramatic designs.  What a way to end a meal, casting a golden glow over all.  She writes:

“My husband’s Grandmother immigrated to the USA from Germany on a sailing ship when she was a small child. She returned for her first visit in the 1950’s on the maiden voyage out of San Francisco on Lufthansa airlines.  She brought these with matching dessert plates for each back to the USA with her and we have inherited them.”

Oh, Sybil, can we join your family?  Thank you for sharing your treasures with the rest of us!




Keep the mugs coming, friends.  Simple or sensational, we want to lift our cups with you each Monday.



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