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The Monday Mug Club: #4

I thought this lighthouse mug might be apropos after a major storm of wind and water-!  It’s one of Benedetto’s coffee cups that makes him smile—heavy, clunky, a manly-man type of feel to it, lol.

On one side, there’s a black-and-white lighthouse, on the other side, a red-and-white one.  A glaze makes it appear slightly beige and crackly, that old look.  There are handwritten ship’s logs in the background and sailing ships in the foreground.  The name of a New England fishing village appears at the bottom, one of those kitschy souvenirs to conjure up memories.

For him, it reminds of a get-away place where there are few demands or schedules, where he and I and another scholarly gentleman would entertain each other with a new limerick each day at breakfast, which naturally had to be witty, pithy, and satirical—the poem, not the repast, that is.  He loves the idea of hot coffee or tea with lighthouses off in the distance standing watch, chilly air, bulky, handknit sweaters, chowder, and the sound of crashing waves.  Falling leaves, bright mums, fresh fish, and quaint shops populated by unusual individuals recharged his batteries.

The homes were historic, the furnishings antique, and the people, progressive.  A nice mix.

Many were workingclass inhabitants, setting off and returning in their fishing boats each day.  The remainder were local professors, artists, and writers.  Another nice mix.

Wishing you warm memories of your own as we’ve come through the not-so-perfect storm, and are setting sail for a bright and sunny Monday!


***(Send in a pic of your favorite mug, teacup, glass, sippy cup… whatever… and a few sentences about why you like it… or don’t like it… or are indifferent toward it.  We want to hear about it!  Really.  I mean it.  Inquiring minds and all that.  Thanks.)




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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Another really great cup from your house .

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