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The Monday Mug Club: #6

There was a time when I had no dogs and no children.  Unlike many, we were not “trying” for children… we were “trying” for dogs, believe it or not.  Long before we had our own plane and pilot, we found that commercial airlines were not all that user-friendly for those intending to fly several times a week with dogs.

It was in London, of course, when we happened into Harrods.  There were my two dream Scotties, one black, one white, on a red background, fine porcelain mug.  Wearing tartan  plaid, they spoke to me of good things to come, from a hot cup of tea, to a warm little puppy coming into my life one day.

As I peered inside the cup, one Scottie face smiled back, peeking at me, playful and happy.  What more could you ask from a mug?

It was the promise of a future hope, a little dream, that someway, somehow, would wing its way to me.  Keeping the mug before my eyes was a daily encouragement that there are times and seasons.  The day for the Scotties would come.

How was I to know that the two Scottish terriers would bring with them… four children from Russia?  Ah well, these things happen.  Maybe that little playful pup inside the mug was trying to tell me something, after all.


Happy Monday, everyone!




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