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The Monday Mug Club: #8

This is a child’s mug, perfect for hot cocoa, or what we call in Russian, “slah’bwee chai” (weak tea).  Handpainted, from Jerusalem, we feature these cute camels at an oasis in honor of Rosh HaShana approaching this week, the Jewish New Year.

The fact that the handpainting is not exact in any way, shape, or form, gives the mug its childish and charming feel.  Four camels, six palm trees, and a dream oasis surround the wrap-around scene.  A cup like this can carry away a child, as their imagination runs wild.

When it comes to Monday, there’s school, and work, and daily responsibilities.  But this mug is able to pull one away, even if just for a minute.  Monday gains a bit of mystery and adventure, heading through the desert and pressing toward the Promised Land.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Happy New Year!  It’s going to be a wonderful week.





(Send me a photo of your favorite mug or teacup and a couple of sentences about what makes it special….)



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  1. avatar Kathleen says:

    I really like this one. I keep telling myself I am going to send you a picture, but I never quite seem to get around to following through on that. I promise to try this week 🙂

  2. avatar Bev says:

    Don’t have a picture of it , but I so a lot of quilting and have a mug that says “scrap therapy in progress”. Area around the lady on the mug looks like my sewing area-need a mug that states “please do not clean up my mess, you will confuse me and screw up my whole day”!! i also hav 4 from Russia-all adopted as early to mid-teens except for the tag-along little brother. It has been 5 years already and I can hardly believe some of the wonderful changes that have taken place despite the extremely difficult periods we have gone through!! I can not imaging my life as a siingle person without these children in it!! I was on some of the senior dating sites, but most of the men want an unencumbered woman, not a single woman who has children!! Can you believe they will not even give me a chance just because I am devoted to my children! Oh, well, when God wants me to have a man in my life, I am sure He will throw one in front of me like He did these children!!! I am content-maybe that is what my Monday mug ought to say!

    • avatar admin says:

      It takes a real man to be able to handle children, Bev. You don’t want a man who’s still a child, himself (or a girly-man…), lol. If they’ve already been through the child-rearing years, I can understand the need for a new phase of life. I feel that need myself some days, hah. And forget the senior dating sites, you need a younger man who has enough energy for LIFE-! Meanwhile, if you produced the “I am content” mug, I think it would be a big seller.

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