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The Monday Mug Club

There’s nothing like a good mug of your favorite beverage as Monday morning dawns.  Here at Destinations, Dreams and Dogs, we’ll be celebrating you and your favorite cup as Mondays take us through the end of summer and on into autumn.

Do you have a favorite mug?  What makes it so special?  Did your kids give it to you?  Is it from your alma mater, or a vacation destination?  Is it simply sensational?  Was it from when you were first married, or when you adopted, or from college, or came from a best friend?  Did you make it on a potter’s wheel, or receive it for a holiday gift?

Tell us your story in 3 or 4 sentences and send a photo of the cup to our e-mail.  We’ll include it in a Monday blog at 3-D, along with your first name.

I’ll share some of my favorite mugs, too.  Each one has a special meaning.  Some are old and chipped, but I still love them.  I wonder if that could be dangerous, or cause some kind of brain poisoning, now that I think about it.  (This could explain some things….)

My mother had a beautiful collection of mismatched tea cups.  (Since we’re dedicated to the finer things of life, we can include tea cups, too.)  After she passed away, a dozen years ago or so, I never knew what became of those tea cups.  I feel embarrassed to ask my father….  I always liked the fact that she used her tea cups, they were not simply in a china cabinet, on display.

Maybe your children have a mug you’d like to share, or a silver baby cup.  You snap it, tell us the meaning for you, and we’ll probably post it in a future Monday blog. What a fun way to start the week!

Men are welcome, and you guys know who you are.  Benedetto has unusual mugs from all over, as well as the usual men-mugs.  I bought my dad a huuuuge mug for his birthday that said something like, “I’m the BOSS”.  Very apropos, lol.

Let’s mug it up on Mondays.  Send a photo of your favorite mug (or two, or three) to:  info @ destinationsdreamsanddogs. com (no spaces, of course).  Give us a few sentences about what makes this mug special for you, and your first name.  Simple.  Easy.  Peasy.

I hope you can come out and play.  See you Monday!



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