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The Mystery of Scotland Yard

cressida-dick-first-woman-chief-scotland-yardYesterday we learned that the first female head of Scotland Yard, Cressida Dick, had been named after 188 years. The police commissioner, in her mid-50s, served the force for 31 years, overseeing counter-terrorism there for several years before retiring to the Foreign Office.

And now she was back. In full power. Which caused me to ask our kids why it was named “Scotland Yard” if it’s the police force overseeing England?

Not a clue.

It’s really quite simple. The area near Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, where the new-scotland-yardpolice headquarters stood, had a back entrance for the public on a street called Scotland Yard. It might have been that Scottish kings once had a palace there, when visiting. Or it may have been land pertaining to a certain Adam Scott.

In any event, the land was divided into Great, Middle and Little Scotland Yard. The police station was located there. When moved more recently to a different location nearby, the headquarters became known as the “New Scotland Yard”.

So that’s the story. Mystery solved.

If Ms. Dick needs my services on any other cases, I’m available. Happy Friday, everyone!


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