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The Nation Pulls Together

Power-LIne-TrucksI practically live on I-95, the north-south route that runs up and down the East Coast of the United States. So it was with great interest that I followed Hurricane Irma, first intending to make landfall on the east side of Florida’s peninsula and then head up to smack into South Carolina or other coastal areas. But Irma opted for the woman’s prerogative of changing her mind and began barreling up the west side of the state and points inland.

On Sunday, I was heading north, shuttling between homes and I was witness to some of what makes our country great. Hundreds— literally hundreds— of power trucks drove south to assist in the restoration efforts— even before the hurricane had hit the mainland. The rallying of so many to assist was staggering.

Next came the veterinary clinic trucks, five or six in a row, looking very similar to emergency medical trucks. Their lights flashing, the boxyanimal-ambulance pet ambulances steamed south, no doubt ready to round up animals needing their assistance. It was quite touching.

By Wednesday as I returned south again, the hurricane relief workers had changed somewhat. I saw numerous military personnel carriers, tank-like, but with maybe a dozen soldiers riding on top in the open air. It’s not an everyday sight on I-95 as group after group of soldiers headed north— I doubt that their work in Florida could be completed already? It was either that, or we were under attack….

tree_servicesThen came the tree trucks, complete with wood chipping chutes. I had just heard from a girlfriend in Florida with two Haitian friends with machetes helping her clean up the branch debris, since no tree-trimming companies would answer their phones and she had a downed tree with a 77-inch circumference. Not really machete material-!

And on it went. Citizens mobilizing to go where they were needed most. Being helpful in the face of tragedy. All for one and one for all. When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade.

There’s a thought: with so little electricity in that part of the country right now, the kids there need to open some lemonade stands and cheer up their neighbors as everyone does his part in rebuilding this great country….

God bless America! United we stand.


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