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The Opposite of Yo

yo“Mashenka!” Benedetto called our 18-year-old daughter.

“Yo!” she replied.

I raised my eyebrows.  Personally, I prefer a more refined form of communication, not borderline ghetto talk.

“Papa doesn’t care if I say Yo,” she said.

“I do. Just because your English isn’t very good doesn’t mean you can’t figure out why Yo is not so great,” I say half-teasing, half-serious.


“What’s the opposite of Yo?”oy-vey


The Russian teen is not savvy enough to try Yo-yo Ma….

“It’s a Yiddish word,” I inform.

“Oy,” Benedetto inserts.

“That’s right,” I nod. “You say Yo, and I say Oy. That’s why I would recommend you not respond to your father with Yo.”

She looks at me blankly. Maybe I should say Yo! to get her attention if this is too deep for her.

Yo! Miss Manners, do you make house calls?

Happy Friday, everyone.


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