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The Palestinians are Their Own Worst Enemies

hamaschildterroristEvil generally does not get better with time. Neither does the Palestinian situation. In the latest untenable situation, a Palestinian father pushes his four-year-old son toward Israeli soldiers and screams at them to shoot his son, to kill him-! Unbelievable.

Naturally, the soldiers do nothing of the sort and actually extend their hand in peace which the little boy gives a high-five. But it begs the question: what kind of sicko father would say such a horrific thing and confuse or traumatize his son for life-?

Watch for yourself as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu calls for an end to such child abuse: thhttp://www.israelemb.org/washington/NewsAndEvents/Pages/Palestinian-father-calls-on-soldiers-to-shoot-his-son-3-August-2016.aspx .

In a separate incident, the humanitarian World Vision office in Gaza has been taken over by Hamas. Helping themselves to donations arriving from well-meaning people worldwide, it’s time to stop funding such organizations that cannot any longer ensure that donations will reach their intended aim. Instead, monies are going straight into terrorists’ pockets.

Isn’t it time to prod Palestinians toward accountability?


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