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The Panic of Being Overweight

overstuffed-suitcase1No, not that kind of overweight. That’s full of enough panic, lol. I’m talking about having your bags packed with mostly lightweight stuff for mostly summer climes… and then realizing… you’re over the allowable 50 pounds on the baggage-!

Yikes, how did that happen? That’s the double-edged sword of a luggage scale.

My son and I review what we’re carrying and determine to throwsun overboard anything semi-heavy. Within reason, of course.

He shows me his family-size sunscreen, a necessity for the desert, but which I promptly divide into two small squeeze bottles, one for each of us. That saved several ounces. At this rate….

Out went my heavy, rubber-soled water shoes that I was going to take just in case of extremely sore feet. They were like tennis shoes but with a cushion of foam that was absolutely heavenly….

What else? One sunhat that weighed maybe a fraction of a pound, two ounces at most. Big help.

thI eyed my hair appliances— hairdryer, flat iron, hot rollers. Decisions, decisions. Most every place should have a hairdryer. Unfortunately, some had the blowing power that would dry my hair three days later. I decided to keep it and the rollers and throw caution to the wind by pitching the flat iron.

If I could confine myself to the desert, I might be able to limit any future frizziness. Maybe. I was not feeling good about this trip already and I hadn’t even left my bedroom, yet.

A top with some heavy beading bit the dust.

“This weighs nothing,” Benedetto shook his head.

I shook back, “Do you realize, we might not be able to buy anything but one or two postcards-?!”th

Now that was a truly frightful thought.

I realized that my heaviest items were shoes, toiletries and makeup.  Hey, I had to draw the line there and leave it at that….

Both Petya and I had journalist/archaeologist vests, you know, the kind with zillions of pockets for professionals working under extreme conditions. That would be us. He asked if he might leave his home. We would be excavating for a short period of time in a remote locale as a small part of the trip.

“Sure, why not? This is why people wear these kind of things on a plane— they weigh so much! But they can hold a lot…” I philosophized.

I needed mine for some TV work I would be doing. But in a short time, those words about wearing the vest… and storing things in all of the pockets… would come back to haunt me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Part II….


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