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The Photobombing Scottie

IMG_5447-1Misha the Scottish Terrier cuddled contentedly on my lap in the car. It had been a long autumn’s day of exploring. Passing several attractive, historic homes, I asked my husband to pull over so I could snap a photo.IMG_5442

That’s when the dog sprang into action. He would not allow me to take the picture.

IMG_5443Leaping up, his head popped out the car window long before I could snap anything.

“Misha,” I nudged him. “Can you move, please?”

He wouldn’t budge.IMG_5444

“Mishaaa, mooove!” I pushed against the black bearded one.

He moaned, “Mmmphhhfff,” bordering slightly on the “Harumph” side….

If I went right, he went left, and vice-versa. There was no dodging him.

IMG_5446One ear, two ears, whatever he could get into the picture, he snuck in. As if to say, “I was here.”

Instead, I decided to take it to mean that he wanted to be part of everything as much as I did. So as soon as I let him take a look for himself, he settled down again and let me do my thing.

Thanks, Misha. Glad to have you along for the ride.


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