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The Power of Persistence

IMG_3070Most every day I take a power walk-run. That’s not to say that the gym is not in the picture, but frankly, I enjoy being outside, since it’s rare that I am not inside a car, an office, a home, etc.

I try to head to an inhabited, commercial, parklike setting. That way, I need not concern myself that some nut-case will konk me on the head while I’m enjoying life away from the rat-race, lol. Scores of ducks surround me with fish ponds full of carp and catfish.

It’s possible to feed the fish for 25 cents. You put a coin in the gumball-machine-like apparatus and the slot fills with food pellets which you can toss to the fish or the birds.

And the duckies know this.IMG_3074

When I pass by, they gaze at me longingly. I know this look. My two Scotties do it all the time when they want a treat, which is pretty much non-stop. Same with the ducks.

But I don’t have time to stop. I’m a woman on a mission, trying to turn back the tide of evil, IMG_3071namely, middle-aged spread. So I power through.

Because of this, the ducks grow crafty.

I glimpse them by the feeder, nosing the flap that releases the food. They have no coins, but no matter. Occasionally, a solitary, remaining pellet tumbles their way.

Victory! The duck waddles after it rolling on the ground. (The pellet is rolling, not the duck.)

I consider the power of persistence, the power of perseverance. Here are simple ducks who won’t take no. They keep going, guys and girls, until they get what they want.

No coin? Just continue pushing and expecting. Something good is bound to come your way!


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