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The Power of Preparation

Woman-At-AirportHalf of my life is spent in preparation. No, maybe more.

I prep for meetings, and phone calls, and meals, and trips. Most of all for trips. And my whole life is one trip or another.

I research airfares, which hotels or apartments are where, how to take a foreign metro when the signs are in an alphabet totally different from anything you’re used to (count the number of stops… and don’t let anyone distract you or you’re remote-work-telecommuting-isl-online-airport1up the creek for real). Here I am, examining kayaking trips and scuba certification, none of which interest me at all, but I feel I must have these facts and figures at my disposal. Perhaps you could say I tend to go overboard in the planning department.

Happy_birthday_cakeWhich are the countries that care about how much money you bring with you, and which ones need to know if you are leaving with any of their cash in tow?

“Customs can check your wallet?” the kids ask, incredulous.

“Some nations actually don’t want anyone in penury to visit….”

If it’s a male voice, then you’re inbound to the city center, female for the reverse. DSCN8907Never shake hands nor greet anyone over the threshold. I must remember to buy wrapping paper for our oldest daughter’s birthday coming up in a week, while I already have a party theme planned for our youngest daughter’s birthday in October. Proposal letters are past due. An abstract must be submitted.  Several archaeological excavations need me, despite my definite aversion to heat, humidity, snakes, spiders and ticks here, and snakes and scorpions elsewhere.  I remind myself to bring loads of cash, fresh, crisp and unmarked for countries caring about that, as well as lacking ATMs.  Not to mention sufficiently-packaged snack-meals in case we’re far from civilization (hummus and granola bars figure prominently).  Do you see how the odd and random preparations flood my already-burdened mind?

packing1I check the weather planned for one week from now and one month from now. It’s entirely possible that I will be on a plane heading from a snowy location to the stifling desert.  I doublecheck exchange rates in various nations and continents.  Packing lists are posted everywhere and I have three to four of my own suitcases in various stages of assembly for different back-to-back trips.

This is how it rolls, folks.  I’ve heard it said that the failure to plan is to plan to fail.  Anyone want to come along on the ride of on my life?


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