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The Problem with Bagels

BagelsThere’s a problem with bagels? I like them, you like them, how could there be a problem???

By now, most people know that bagels, though appearing healthier than sugar-laden, fried donuts, actually pack about 200 more calories due to their dense nature. That’s hard to stomach, pardon the pun-! About double the calories. Yikes. Add a little yummy cream cheese and you come close to tripling the calories….

Look on the bright side: one big bagel with cream cheese might keep you going all day-!


However, a new issue has appeared on the bagel-watch scene. Maybe it’s not new to you, but I was surprised: there seems to be an issue with slicing bagels.

I don’t get it. Perhaps if you’re throwing a party for dozens of bagel aficionados, you could experience some stiffness after a lot of slicing and dicing, but I IMG_4555hardly think you’d suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or anything of the nature….

Turns out that there are many gadgets out there designed to help. I mean for me, it’s a low-tech venture: I either lay the bagel flat on the cutting board or counter and carefully slice in a horizontal line from right to left. Voila! One bagel transforms into two halves. Perhaps I have sufficient arm strength from lifting 20-pound weights (uh… dogs…) every day, to slice sideways through the dense bagel.

Or, I stand the bagel upright, like a wedding band or a ship’s porthole perpendicular to you and I slice straight down. This standing-up method can smush your bagel slightly if your knife is not sufficiently sharp. But it generally works fine.

IMG_4556Enter the high-tech gadgets. Apparently this bagel conundrum is weighing heavily on people’s minds. I mean, you’re hosting a brunch for 25 and your bagels refuse to separate into neat pairs. You need outside intervention. I understand.

Enter: the bagel guillotine and the bagel slicing guide. (No, I did not create either and no, I do not get any of their resulting profits from singing their praises— really, people— don’t write me!) I just saw these the other day. Perhaps I’m late to the party.

It seems like slicing a bagel would be a no-brainer, however, this is the advanced course. For quick slicing or for fancy slicing, this might be the way to go. However, more vigorous slicing on your own could help to burn those extra calories….

Thought you’d want to know. You’re welcome.


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