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The Pros and Cons of Humidity

humidityCan you say, “A dewy glow?”

No, honestly, I hate humidity. Except that I don’t use the word “hate”.

So… I intensely dislike humidity.

Wreaks havoc with the hair, you know.

Grows mold in the shower.

Breeds mosquitos and mustiness.

On the other hand, it mists and moisturizes the skin.

If hot enough, it clears the nasal passages and lungs.

Have you ever remarked on how humidity caused a steamy, heat-bath type of a day? Imagine that. You got your very own sauna Humidity2experience… for free!

Humidity is often good for plant life. Think of a hothouse— it’s not just hot, it’s humid in there. Think of the produce section of a grocery store. It could be that I time my visits at very inopportune hours of the day, but I have had it happen upon occasion that, just when I pick up a bunch of leeks or whatever… pssshhhht…! On goes the misting produce sprinkler system.

Even frogs like humidity, as you might know if they camp beneath your window, whether open or shut at night, serenading you.

humidity3The news is, humidity is on the rise. Scientists study these kinds of things in order to accurately predict workers’ and athlete’s productivity under difficult circumstances. Due to global warming, be it man-made, or natural and cyclical in nature, humidity is increasing.

So, might as well get used to it. Maybe go with a curly, drip-dry hair style, get some good hair care product (good luck with that!) and imagine: all of your linen outfits will naturally unwrinkle!

Humidity is here to stay.


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