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The PSAT Saga Continues

College-student5Somebody’s telling a Fib, a Big Whopper, if you will.  We have not received our son’s PSAT scores in six months and it looks, by all indications, that all of the involved parties wish to cooperate, but I don’t know if this is One Big Snow Job, rivaling the snows whipping through the Northeastern US even now.

I stated my concern when we at last received an e-mail from the public high school where he took the exam as a homeschooler.  They stated their apologies and an offer to give him a Fee Waiver on a future SAT or ACT exam.  But nothing really said about the missing PSAT scores which we had learned from the PSAT College Board office had been placed in an envelope with those from the school receiving “Accommodations”.  Since Petya needed no official accommodations, the test was placed aside and never scored.  The school at last concurred that they had made a mistake.

But nothing was said about what they would do to get us our scores.  I became concerned.  Yet again.

Sent another e-mail to the school.  What about the scores?  Is any action being taken?

After hours of being on the phone with the PSAT, I knew that they were calling the school several times each day, article-new_ehow_images_a08_88_u6_improve-math-skills-college-students-800x800pressuring them to either write a letter or fill out a form “releasing” the scores to be graded, and confirming that there were no accommodations necessary.  They commented that the school did not know when they might get around to faxing such a letter to the PSAT office.

Now the assistant principal wrote back and claimed that their understanding was that “the test had not been scored and there was nothing to be done about it”.

CollegeStudents.1Huh?  As in, “our son took the major, multi-hour test for nothing, and we would never get the results”???

The assistant principal offered to follow-up if we would give her contact info for someone at the College Board.

I feel like we’re in a Groucho Marx movie with one person walking in one door, while someone else walks out another door.  What’s going on?  Is this really a case of monumental mix-ups and everyone speaking with the wrong person on the wrong end of the other side, or is it a big, fat fudging overload?



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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    I don’t get the concept of the school “releasing” the test. But the problem seems to start at the school. Have they lost the test? That’s what it’s starting to sound like.

    Maybe Petya can take a Kaplan course for practice, and just move onto the SAT? I can’t believe how the school has screwed this up for all of you.

    • avatar admin says:

      I agree, hoonew, it absolutely sounds like a lost test… except… that the PSAT says that they have it. At least that’s what they told us. Thanks for the idea of Kaplan, he’s taken some of their mini-prep courses. Right now, time is an issue with the tennis and his regular coursework. During the summer, he will prep intensively, because I’m still concerned about his English. He’s very smart in history and the sciences, but if something is worded slightly differently from what he studied, it can still throw him. This is the “academic English” issues of a non-native student. It could work in our favor to buy him another six months…. I can’t believe it, either!

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