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The Queen of Craftiness

IMG_4469Let’s just say that I’m not the most likely to succeed when it comes to crafts. You know how long it took me to stencil something a week or two ago. And here I am, planning decorative touches for a beach cottage.

I got the great idea of utilizing beach shells in art. Simple. Classic.

This might not convey in pictures, but they turned out well. Just enough to add a bit of whimsy to a wall or two.

The first attempt was ambitious enough, with a natural blue starfish from the Philippines, floating on top of sparkling shell chips, inside a frame with the glass removed. The shell fragments appeared similar to the repurposed glass pebbles I located last week… at the dump.

Trying to secure the shell chips proved to be challenging. I used Gorilla Glue, liberally covering the picture board, tossing a handful of chips onto the blank canvas and holding it down with my hands. Unfortunately, the glue tried to include my hand in the picture, as well.

Prying it off, a few chips refused to adhere, so I filled in here and there with more glue and shell chips. Then came the starfish, IMG_4468which also was not the flattest of features, but it stuck.

The next mini-project was simple and straightforward: glue a shell on a rough board frame.


My son Petya donated a sand dollar to the cause. I had another shell. Squeeze the glue, keep it away from the fingers, lay it on the box frame.

Doesn’t get more simple than that.

And they look good. One is bright, bold and sparkly. The other two are muted and monochromatic. Something for everybody.

I just might be crafty, after all. At least in a beginner’s sort of way.


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