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The Recipe Book

cardsAs a fun project, I’m putting together a simple recipe book for a friend. Sort of a starter collection, even though there are tons of fantastic recipe books and websites out there. I must admit that I generally don’t use 3×5 cards, myself. But that’s what made this project kind of fun.

I purchased a photo book, where you might slip photos into the plastic sleeves. Then came the 3×5 lined index cards. Any friend who was game was enlisted to write a couple of simple recipes which might be fun. No top-secret, family-heirloom recipes allowed, in case they caramelsquaresmight suffer later writer’s regret!

Some folks remembered, some didn’t. Not a biggie. This was just a fun thing.

And in the recipes came. A couple were 200 years old. One was a favorite of a long-ago U.S. president. Some were misspelled. All were heart-felt.

So now I am gathering and collecting and organizing the small pile of cards and inserting steamed-dumplingsthem into the plastic book sleeves. Hardly a difficult, time-consuming task.

Yet, hopefully, the recipe book will make memories for years to come.

I believe one of my sisters-in-law did a similar thing for Benedetto’s family, compiling soon-to-be-forgotten Old World Italian family recipes and rescuing them from extinction.

But not with 3×5 cards. It was high-tech and made into a book for the siblings. Hmm… which makes me wonder what he ever did with that…?

Do you have a homemade recipe book or file?


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