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The Right Rain Changes Everything

IMG_0745The right rain. There are destructive rains—you know, those severe storms that breed hurricanes, high winds, downed trees, strong flooding, and power failures.

But then there are those rains that come in with fresh gusts of wind and a cooling, calming presence. They make everything clean. The humidity halves. The hot temperatures drop. It’s refreshing.

We had one of those and it seemed like an answer to prayer. The sun was setting, but there, on the horizon, the sun flashed across dark,IMG_0756 inky storm clouds. And just as suddenly, there it was: a double rainbow.

Bright, bold, technicolor.

People stopped on the street and pointed. They smiled and waved. Yes, total strangers in our nation’s capital.

All was fresh and quiet, cool and calm. God’s promise hovered above, touching earth, touching lives, changing everything.


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