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The Right Routine

pUpon turning 16 years old, I figured I needed to make my way in life and earn a few shekels. Believing I would one day go into law, I took our community phone book and called every attorney, one-by-one. Imagine my surprise when one of the guys recognized me-! Having a unique family name, he asked if my family were members of a certain country club.

We were. So was he. Although he didn’t have any positions open for the summer, he wished me well.

I proceeded down the list. Approaching the letter z, I hit gold with Mr. Z_______. A sharp gentleman with an eclectic client base, he was the perfect mentor, teaching me how to keep a daily diary of court visits, filings, documents handled and thclients called. I was reminded of his influence on my life when reading the quote, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”

It makes absolute sense. The right routine can make or break everything: our health, our productivity, our career, our emotional well-being, our family and organizefriendships.

Without a daily direction, a list, a schedule of sorts, you might just meander through life. Hit-and-miss. Happenstance. Yet, once you organize for success through a daily routine, you get on the highway to happiness.

Think about it. The right routine takes you in the right direction almost effortlessly. Build it into your life today.


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