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The Right to Bare Arms

143873-425x345-concealed-weapon-with-a-stylish-handbagI don’t get it. A number of families and individuals are talking about concealed carry permits and packing some heat in light of the Parisian terrorist shootings. That I understand, the right to protect yourself with a gun, the right to bear arms.

But today at 3-D, we’re talking about something far more sinister here, on par with real lunacy. I don’t know when it happened nor what began this descent into madness, but it may have been the network news.

What’s the deal with seemingly-intelligent ladies thsporting bare arms in the dead of winter?

Perhaps it’s perceived Hollywood glamour, or resortwear gone awry, but I don’t want to see women’s arms (or legs…), or men’s arms, for that matter in my face should I tune into the news or weather. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet.

I’m familiar with the heat of TV lights, but it looks ridiculous. People, it’s snowing outside, and you’re dressed like young girls going to a nightclub.

mulheres-bonitas-12I guess, since I’m not familiar with what young girls would wear to a nightclub.

Are network executives truly so powerful that grown, educated women have allowed themselves to be objectified with ever-shorter dresses and totally-missing sleeves?

Don’t answer that.

Why not a sumptuous sweater dress, a layered look, a jauntily-tossed shawl or beautiful boots? Layers may add a few pounds for an on-camera look, but at least they’d look appropriate for the season.

Do you see what I see?


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  1. avatar Leah says:

    Say no more, my thoughts exactly. It appears bizarre and demeaning. Summertime, ok. Wintertime? No way.

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