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The Rug Doctor Cures Us

IMG_2287If you have two boys, two girls, two parents, and two dogs in the house, things tend to get dirty.  Especially at the dacha, not far from the beach. 

Sand, sand, and more sand.  Tiny shells in the washer and dryer.  Dirty feet.

Combine that with sports, activities, doggy hair… and you’ve got disaster for white berber carpeting. 

(An interior designer lived here before we did, which also involved scraping a million scraps of ripped brown paper glued to one wall.  If you don’t understand this concept, visit a show house where this type of dust trap seems de rigeur these days….)

Back to the carpeting.  It’s very stained from both sides of the dogs, no matter what we do.  Spot cleaner, steam cleaners, whatever’s on the market, we’ve tried.  While I would argue for replacing the white carpeting, along with scratched and nicked white, glossy wooden flooring in other main rooms of the house, we have to deal with it for the time being.

Enter the Rug Doctor.  This is the machine that you can rent at WalMart (which store does not exist near our074999040309lg city house, but is all over the place near the dacha), and is like a big vacuum steam cleaner.

Our family actually owns a steam cleaner, but Benedetto says it doesn’t work, or doesn’t work well, or takes too long, or I forget what. 

So while the rest of the family was gone, and Petya was in his extreme tennis training, it seemed as though he had nothing else to do with his time during the afternoons but help me steam-clean.  It was our secret mission designed to purge the house of all filth, disease, and destruction lingering in the carpeting.

IMG_2288On to rent the machine, which is a trip in itself with doors springing open to extract the machine, after interacting with the computer.  I was so excited, I didn’t notice I misspelled my last name (which info came in handy when I went to return the machine).

Back home, armed with OxyClean (and not the products recommended nearby) and probably ten swimming pools’ worth of hot water, we steamed, dumped the dirty water, and replaced the sudsy water, over and over.  Six hours later, we had carefully cleaned (taking about 2 seconds per inch) the living room and four bedrooms, doing a few areas two or three times.  In the living room, we moved out all of the furniture (no small feat, believe me), and in the bedrooms, we basically did the main, heavily-trafficked walkways without moving too much furniture.

Talk about filth.  Apparently, we are a very dirty family.  Very, very dirty.  The carpeting now looked new. 0007499909603_A While we were warned by helpful onlookers that we should hire a crew for $100 who would do the dirty work for us, and clean three rooms, on our schedule it was much easier to not have outsiders coming and going for hours on end.

You could say that we’re very private concerning our dirt, lol.

Cost was about $30 for the machine, and about $12 for the OxyClean powder.  We rented it at 2:00 pm one day, and were able to keep it until midnight the next day. 

No, we did not keep it that long.  The two of us returned it around dinner time the following day.

Rug Doctor Machine_smallWith ceiling fans going, it took about around a day for the carpeting to dry, shorter for those that got one swipe (12 hours?), longer for those that we revisited (24 hours?).

Upon returning the rinsed-out machine, Petya and I spied some beautiful purple petunias and bought several containers to fill our front planters, as our pansies had recently succumbed to the severe heat.  What a trooper he was to help out, and what a lovely house awaited the others as they returned to the dacha at 3:00 am this morning.

Generally I don’t like surprises, but I felt that this type of surprise would be enjoyed by all.  Benedetto and the others loved it.

Do you have interesting, summertime projects to do in your “spare time”?


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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    We do have summer projects. We are restoring a 3 floor Victorian Doll house and then selling it. We are putting in solid wood plank floors (thank you Star Bucks for those stir sticks that will become stained wood floors). We are putting glass windows in to replace the plastic (thank you to Dollar Store frames with cheap thin glass). We are putting in wallpaper (thank goodness people do scrapbooking as there are so many papers available at a decent price). Also my husband is taking a wonderful old painted single bed and making a bench out of it. We are always on the lookout for things we can repurpose and we fix them up and generally sell them as we have no room for them. It is lots of fun and a heck of a lot better than cleaning rugs – lol !

    • avatar admin says:

      Ooh, I like, I like-! Your projects sound a LOT better than mine. And the Starbucks sticks– who knew! I’m calling Martha Stewart, she’ll probably want to do a feature story on you guys….

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