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The Russian Hackers

indexI’ve met these cyber-guys online when they tried to bring down this venerable site last year. Hack, hack, hack. You’d think they were Paul Bunyan the logger hacking away. They never gave up.

We changed passwords and codes repeatedly. They tried, and tried again. It was all-out war.

As though we’re anybody special.th

So now the real story is coming out. Russian hackers have stolen over 1.2 billion internet passwords. They targeted companies and websites great and small.

Naturally, 3-D has nothing to sell, but it makes me want to start selling just to say: Nyah-nyah.

isitsafeWhat internet security analysts are telling everyone across the board: change all of your usernames and passwords for most everything: websites, e-mail, online stores, social media.

Yep, everything.

And don’t use the same password across the board. And don’t use a word without numbers and upper-case and lower-case involved.

Mix it up. Mess it up. Make it look like some kind of veiled expletivee5c4be13bcdad256cf649bca2c4bc1e3 and you should be fine.

So what will happen to the merry band of hackers in “a small city in south central Russia”? That remains to be seen, since they’re not bothering any Russians, and Russia really doesn’t care if they’re bothering you.

You never know. Maybe they’ll want to take a trip somewhere… someday. Interpol will be waiting.  It’s happened before….


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