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The Saltine Syndrome

Suzy-Lee-Weiss-620x362Alright, I admit it, I push my kids a little:  learn to speak English, keep up your Russian, learn some other languages, catch up to grade level after years of no school, master a musical instrument or sport, be involved in community service, develop some manners….

Well, in the latest letter to the Wall Street Journal gone viral, now I’m hearing from contemplative high school senior Suzy Lee Weiss that it may not be enough.  She had the killer SAT scores, the 4.5 GPA, a winsome personality, extracurriculars, yet was still rejected by many of her top college picks.  Her crime?

She was a saltine cracker—bland, dry, and too mainstream.

In her satirical letter to the WSJ, Weiss argues that she should have worn a headscarf, come out of the closet, had 040113opinionweiss_512x288two mothers, or started a fake charity.  Anything other than (yawn) good grades, top standardized tests, and a definite dearth of hobbies.  She needed a tiger mom to push her, or some get-up-and-go project or diversity issue to distinguish her.

What’s the deal these days with pushing our kids into overdrive?  Since when was one varsity sport not enough?  Why are teens expected to cure cancer or earn their doctorate by age 14, she asserts?

My hat’s off to you, Ms. Weiss.  In my book, you sound better than average, and in the kind of world we live in, this letter has already brought you the type of positive publicity you need to get a second glance from the big guys, and gain entrance into the Ivy League.  Maybe there you’ll acquire a hobby, or find a cure for something, even if it’s just the antidote for being a typical, studious, American high schooler.



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