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The Satanic Dances of the Sochi Olympics

Sochi-20141-600x449Should your family honestly be considering a visit to the Black Sea resort of Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, I would rethink that for the following reasons: 1) The Russians are not our friends, why give them the economic boost? 2) Many average citizens’ homes have been illegally seized and razed to make way for new sports facilities; 3) Illegal immigrants working on the facilities have often not been paid, and have not been vetted concerning their construction abilities; and 4) Russia’s top Islamist leader Doku Umarov is calling for retaliation for holding games in the area.

Sounds like disaster-in-the-making to me.Russia Sochi Terrorism.JPEG-0d530

This is the leader of the Chechen Muslim militants, the ones behind the Moscow suicide bombings of the past decade. He is now calling the mujahideen (guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries) to rise up “against satanic dances on the bones of our ancestors”, referring to ancestors killed by tsarist troops long ago and buried along the Black Sea.

These are not idle threats. I travel to many Muslim lands thwithout too much of a second thought. Yet, there are certain precautions which cannot be taken in a venue such as the Olympic Games, such as:

Stay away from crowds. Don’t conspicuously appear to be a foreigner.

Our children come from Black Sea regions. Depending on how close you get to the Caucasus Mountains, the 4394625464_d9a686e099_opotential for terrorism skyrockets. I could tell you stories from our own journeys, and how the U.S. State Department issues “travel advisories” for areas in the same, general region.

The Caucasus Emirate coalition had announced a ceasefire, a moratorium of sorts regarding terrorist strikes, in early 2012 around the time that regular Russians were protesting in massive demonstrations against the Kremlin. But now that all has returned to “business as usual” in Russia, the Muslim militants are calling for retaliation and a return to general jihad in the area.

Not the best backdrop for the global games in Sochi.

Cheburashka, watch your back.


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  1. avatar Sarah says:

    Alexandra, I could not agree more! We will not be attending either even while spending most of our time in Europe. Along with all you said I really wonder if the buildings will even be safe. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me. If people like us won’t go besides the athletes and their families etc. who will go?

    • avatar admin says:

      Tons of people, probably, Sarah. Most spectators are exactly that, spectators, watching life pass by and who won’t take a stand over thorny issues. I remember when the US boycotted the Moscow Olympics. If more people had a backbone, a lot of things could change in the world. I wouldn’t suggest that the athletes and their families not go, though. They deserve to showcase their hard work. I just hope it’s safe for them!

  2. avatar Maxim Bagatogrishnyj says:

    Rocky V movie sounds pro-Russian compared to posts like these.

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