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The Secret Dangers of Hand Sanitizers

TEENSOkay, who knew? I mean, it’s not like I live under a rock. As a matter of fact, I rock all around the globe, lol. However, by not having kids under 12, I guess I could be considered out of touch on this issue.

It turns out that American kids face an epidemic of sorts with those who are ingesting hand sanitizer. Yes, you heard it right: drinking hand sanitizer.

Due to the very high level of alcohol and the fact that social media spread this practice from New Zealand to the rest of the world’s youths, those as young as six years old are learning that they can get drunk off of something their moms might place in their school backpack. Particularly hand sanitizers with fruity scents are attracting elementary school imbibers.

The Georgia Poison Center released the stats this week of a 400% increase in the last five years in emergency-related calls involving hand sanitizers and those under age 12. One six-year-old girl arrived in the hospital after only three squirts. Other reports involved alcohol poisoning, seizures, cardiac arrest, diarrhea, blindness, and memory loss.

Teen-GroupPersonally, I don’t give our kids hand sanitizers. Maybe a wet-wipe if we’re in the middle of nowhere about to eat at a bedouin encampment, but plain old soap-and-water, or water, or even rubbing your hands on your pants are all proven ways to minimize germs. I’ve never seen the value for repeatedly rubbing the hands with chemicals.

But that’s me.

Wherever there are young people, they will be pushing the boundaries in terms of risky behavior. While researching this terrible trend, I noted that wine contains 12% alcohol, while hand sanitizers may contain up to 95% alcohol.

While hearing such horrific stats, I came across an earlier trend that still continues among teen thgirls who don’t want the smell of alcohol on their breath. They use vodka-soaked tampons to insert in the traditional sense and be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The amount is equal to two shots of vodka and will still show up in any blood alcohol tests, as well as breathalyzers, but at least their parents or teachers won’t smell the alcohol on them.

But what parent wouldn’t know that their child had just taken two shots of vodka? Not to mention the fact that boys are anally inserting tampons for the same effect.

Can you say gross- gross- and more gross?

By comparison, ingesting hand sanitizer seems like child’s play. And that’s just the problem.

Please don’t give this to your kids. The risks are simply too great. Have them wash their hands the old-fashioned way. The convenience is simply not worth the danger.


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