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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

The Secret Life of a Scottie

IMG_4526 A beautiful day, slightly cool at last. The dogs head outside to inspect the back perimeter and make sure that our domicile is safe and secure on a sunny day. Misha sits still as a statue and bluejays surround him.

Pensive on the wrought iron steps, leading to the urban garden. Usually, he runs like a wild banshee with his sidekick, Grisha. Today, he’s in a meditative and contemplative mood.

*Sniff. *Sniff.

Was a raccoon or squirrel here earlier? Maybe a possum or deer?

If I look this way and that, but not bark, I will blend in with my surroundings and lull my prey IMG_4525closer….

*Yawn. *Sniff. *Yawn.

I could always curl up on this step and take a little morning nap….

IMG_4527 Huh-?! What happened? Did I doze off?

Ah… a beautiful day… here for me to enjoy… birds chirp and sing, flutter and fly all around. So this is what it’s like to not bark like a banshee and hunt down my prey….

I kinda like this… peace and tranquility… rest and relaxation… the serenity of a spa in my own backyard….

*Sniff. *Sniff.

Would you like to join me in my oasis of peace and contentment?IMG_4529


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