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The Secret Strategies of My Scotties

Our two dogs have a full and rich life.  Unfortunately, I get the feeling that they are rich at my expense.  The two think they can get anything they want, anytime they want.

Perhaps they’ve been talking with the kids.

The thing is, the Scotties have this entire mentality where they feel that they are the alphas, the leaders of our pack — the oldest, Misha, pokes me with his nose when he wants food, or he clicks his teeth, making a chomping noise like, “C’mon, gimme a bite of something.”

After he’s already eaten 20x that day.

Hmmm…. there might be a family pattern emerging.

Food is a big deal, but physical positioning may be even bigger.  Misha and Grisha love to play musical chairs.  If I step out of the car for a few minutes, the two will vie for my empty seat.  They feel that if they are plunked down there, they are in the seat of power… or at least they have an area where they can luxuriantly stretch out and have twitchy, fidgety, doggie dreams for 10 minutes or so.

But here’s an example to show exactly how sneaky they are.  The two of them basically have only one type of toy:  the super-duper Kong, made from shark-tooth-tested, hard rubber, the only ones they cannot destroy in five minutes’ flat.  There are a few of these here and there around the house.

In order to sneak into position, the two of them circle a sleeping Benedetto, passed out in a chair late at night after the kids have gone to bed.  Each wants the place of honor, to nap by his legs on the hassock.  How to negotiate this is where the doggie special ops come into play.

Grisha is the sneaky one, being younger.  He tries a couple of times to jump up, but there’s no room on the hassock.  So he brings over the Kong, and drops it in front of Misha’s nose.

No response.

So Grisha starts to chew it loudly, and Misha cocks an eyebrow in his direction.  Grisha tosses it over to him and walks away.  Misha jumps down to grab the Kong, and Grisha comes running around the corner of the chair, steals the Kong, and makes a flying leap for the hassock.

“Got it” on both counts.

Misha is dumbfounded.  He’s the smart guy, generally, but sneaky?   Sneaky, he doesn’t know.

Yet, he can learn.  So when the Kong eventually falls off of the hassock, Misha goes to town with it, polishing his teeth, and practically rubbing his tummy in ecstacy, until Grisha can stand it no longer, jumps off his perch, fights Misha off, who promptly jumps on the hassock.

All is well.  Grisha gives up, hops up on the arm rest, and proceeds to his place of superiority above Benedetto’s head on the back of the overstuffed chair.  From this exalted position, he keeps one eye half-open to see who’s coming and going, drifting off to happy sleep no matter who slept where.

I could only imagine if they tried to lure Benedetto off of his chair, waving cups of steaming coffee in his direction….




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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    You need to get this on video and post it on youtube!

    • avatar admin says:

      Good idea, hoonew! On the other hand, either the dogs would decide to lay low when the cameras are rolling, or I’d be accused of doctoring the tape, lol. But it’s worth a try. Reality is often more interesting than fiction.

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