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The Selfie Generation

Dog-Selfie-1Don’t get me wrong, I love selfies. I remember the first time we ever saw a photo selfie stick. Asian tourists strolled the streets of DC, holding i-Phones beyond arm’s length and it was unclear exactly what they were doing. Nowadays, it’s clear, but back then… not so much.

I immediately commented to all those in the car: Whatever it is, we should be investing in it. The tool was really that new and that was only about four years ago.

As a cultural comment, there is a duality in the message of the selfie stick. One, we are autonomous and independent: we don’t need anyone else to take our pic. No more stopping a stranger on the street and asking them to help, while they do their best, but still they photographically chop off your legs or head. Two, though separated from friends, family or acquaintances, we still long to be connected: look at me here! look at me there! we post and forward to others.

However, the narcissism continued to grow. Soon we outgrew the sticks, as photo mania outpaced the monopods.dog selfie Everyone wanted duck lips, they wanted up-close-and-personal angles, they wanted a shot with a bestie by their side, so close that both can only fit half a face in the frame. Away with the stick!

Does this phenomenon speak of greater issues? Is our preoccupation with me- me- me seeping over into other areas of life, holding us back from a healthy concern for others?

Possibly, quite possibly.


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