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The Shady Side of Stenciling

IMG_4441I recall doing some stenciling about 100 years ago when we moved into a home that benefited from a fleur de lis or two in a remote corner. How I ended up deciding to do a couple of signs recently is anyone’s guess since I might be termed Least Likely to Succeed in the category of Crafts.

Gathering my supplies, my tool kits resulted in a slick pseudo-chalkboard for the bocce ball court and a rough board sign for the other. I calculated in my head 100x what size of stencils would fit on these parameters. My precise calculations did not help as much as eyeballing it, in my opinion.

Then came the paint. What a mess. I probably should have sponged it on, but instead, I used a small foam paint brush. On the rough board, it didn’t quite spread, so had to be squished in, which resulted in the paint going behind the stencil. On the smooth board, it oozed too much and the edges came out less-than-sharp.

What a mess.

Trying to clean up with some q-tips yielded varying degrees of success. Yikes. I had such high hopes.IMG_4442


But all in all, they both had a rustic, hand-fashioned look of charm. Apart from ordering custom signs with ladybugs saying something like, “Susie’s Garden”, this was not bad for an amateur attempt….

Have you ever stenciled? (With success, lol?)

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