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The Sisters at the Salon

hair-cutSo it was time for a hair trim at the salon. I took both girls and steeled my nerves for this mother-daughter time. We had talked about it for the past week—the split ends, the need to make it healthy again, what possible styles, the fact that Sashenka wants bangs.

I negotiate with her, the one whose hair and forehead turn oily the fastest of them all. She’s wanted bangs for a long time, so I tell her why not, she can have some wispy ones, but she will have to keep her face extra clean. Sashenka agrees.

Mashenka, of wild and frizzy hair, has magical ideas that her hair will suddenly become bone cutstraight with a visit to the salon. I ask her what she’s thinking and she pulls out the same picture she’s been showing to hairdressers for the past few years. It’s a shag, layered, with sideswept bangs hitting at the cheek. But she doesn’t have the gift of interpretation.

For very wavy hair like hers or mine, the style represents one big Afro. Unless, of course, you have hours to spend on straightening section by section. She has not done this once in her life. I find it difficult on a daily basis, myself, which is why for much of the summer I am a top-knot kind of gal….

The day arrives and I agree to take them at a mutually-appointed time. Sashenka is overjoyed at the thought of bangs and a trim. She has hardly any split ends. Mashenka is a mess, split-ends galore, has not styled her hair at all today, clutching her unrealistic picture. I smile benignly and herd them inside.

thThe stylists are great. They listen, while we pour through hairstyle books and find a more suitable pic for Mashenka. It’s very similar to hers, but shown on a younger girl and slightly more realistic to wear either curly or straight.

I shuttle back and forth between them, encouraging all ye of little confidence. Sashenka beams and Mashenka scowls, but I do my best to advocate for what they want in a hairstyle, to let them spread their wings as long as it’s in a non-Mohawk sort of way.

My whole day is being eaten up in various forms of errands, still I try to rise above and not glance at my watch, taking snaps of them draped in the cape. Memories in the making.

We emerged unscathed, both girls smiling broadly. Sashenka insists she’s added two or three years thto her age with the bangs. She’s on the petite side and appears younger than her almost-15 years. By the time Mashenka arrives home, she’s fairly miffed that the stylist did not spend hours straightening her hair, not realizing that it would entail another hour of us sitting there, waiting for her. She lets it go au naturel which looks very cute, but of course, it’s not the picture.

I wonder how much of life can be mirrored by our salon experience, not matching “the picture” exactly, but still ending up just fine.


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