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The State of Russian Adoptions

Russian-Orphans2_picDateline:  August 2013, Moscow.  Is anything happening in Russia that could give any hope to those wishing to adopt from abroad?

Nyet.  In fact, it’s becoming worse.

Between President Putin and the Russian parliament, the two are conspiring to ensure that not many Russian orphans ever end up in a decent family, native or otherwise.  In late December 2012, adoptions to Americans ceased.  This summer, Russian-Orphans1-375x249Russian legislators moved to ban adoption not only by same-sex couples in any remaining nations, but to all countries where homosexual marriage is legal.

Just in case.

While I personally know of gays in America who have adopted from Russia, generally by not revealing their sexual orientation to the social worker undertaking russian-orphanage-lugaany homestudy report, there are not a lot of gays from any country turning to Russia for their adoptions.  But now, while the number of Russian orphans increases, entire countries are being cut-off from adoptions because of their pro-gay-marriage stance.

Apparently, the only way Putin can flex his international muscles is on the back of helpless orphans. 

How pitiful.  So much for their human rights.

Personally, I think that this could create quite the cottage industry of individuals adopting from Russia, 4164391699_1319748b27_znot for themselves, but for readoption to others who have been squeezed out of the game.  Yet, that would presuppose that there is greater interest by foreigners in adopting Russian children than there is by the Russian people finding good homes for their orphans.  I’m not so sure that potential parents are willing to risk everything, in essence, by attempting to adopt from Russia, a notoriously unreliable country in terms of international “agreements” and understandings… even if they did open back up overnight… one day.

russia1The Russian adoption closure could continue indefinitely.  Yet, for Putin, money and power “talk”.  Given that Russia’s economy is slowing, and possibly even facing recession, he may need to revisit the issue as the ruble weakens, and the number of orphans continue to escalate.

After alienating most of the world, it’s unclear whether or not Russia will have any conversational partners left whenever they will feel the desperate need to talk again.


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