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The U.S. Open Comes to My House

Well, let’s put it this way:  the U.S. Open “could” have come to my house, but perhaps I was too busy to tune into these important events.  Apparently, neighbors near the Bethesda, Maryland, Congressional Country Club are renting out their delightful digs for $15,000/week.  I’m just a hop, skip, and a jump away—why was I not informed?

Probably because I’m not a neat freak.  Probably because the house may have the odd Dog Hair hiding under a rug.  Probably because I would have to be willing to empty closets or dressers, lock all the Valuables in the safe, and hide any Important Artwork.  The silver, the jewels, the antiques, the Oriental rugs, the Faberge’ eggs….  Too much work for some stranger to come into our abode and practice putting in the library.

Mind you, the Congressional Country Club does not attract riff-raff, nor would I imagine, would the U.S. Open.  The club’s current initiation fee (i.e., stepping foot in door, not monthly dues, fees, etc.) hovers in the $150,000 range, with a waiting list to join of approximately eight years.  (Folks, plan ahead.)  Of course, there is reportedly also a two to three year wait for use of the golf facilities once admitted to the club.

If you need to ask:  there is no application form to join on their website.

Columbia Country Club is just a mile or two down Connecticut Avenue, also in Bethesda, another old school spread.  I have been known to grace the grounds upon invitation.  These in-town clubs appeal to those in the general environs, but there are also prestigious courses such as Burning Tree that are not very distant, as well.  Location, location, location.

But if you want to slum it to the suburbs (right), you can head over to Arlington,Virginia, to Washington Golf and Country.  We’re talking highly-slashed rates for regular folks:  reportedly $75,000 to join, just $600/month thereafter, and only a four-year waiting list.  Do you see how serious some Washingtonians are regarding relaxation?

How many flights to Myrtle Beach could you make at these kind of prices?  But alas, the makeup of the members is usually not comparable.  Benedetto and I were many times on commercial aircraft heading into South Carolina’s beautiful shores with myself as the only woman onboard a rather-inebriated aircraft quite early in the a.m.

One day, after listening to the golfers’ raucous reminiscences of past trips and what debauchery would occur on their current trip, I had enough.  Flight attendants had already confided that these golfers’ flights yielded up more wedding rings that had dropped out of pockets than any other destination.  Believe it or not, Alexandra stood up onboard, and took charge.

Oh yes, I did.  The flight attendants applauded me.  The men hushed up and hung their heads in shame after my State of the Union address.  Sometimes….

Face it, some of the pro golfers have raunchy reputations as any profession that requires a lot of time on the road, and high-pressure stakes.  So, I’ll have to pass on renting out my righteous residence to any rabble-rousers.  Besides, $15,000 would barely even make a dent in any country club fees.




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  1. avatar Phyllis says:

    Oh, I would have loved to hear what you said to those men on the airplane. : ) Did you think of having the children “renting” out their rooms? Smaller change, but big benefits in getting them to clean their rooms. But maybe you don’t have that problem like we do with our boys. : )

    And by the way, I loved your post on exercise. I so need to do that, but like you said, I have great excuses. I better just suck it up and start moving. lol

    • avatar admin says:

      Yeah, Phyllis, I think they burned all of the tapes and transcripts of that one. It was along the lines of urging them to conduct themselves in a way that would not bring shame and reproach upon themselves and their families. Oh, that was quite a day….

  2. avatar Winnie says:

    I had some aquaintances in the Memphis area who were asked to rent out their lovely historic home for an astounding amount of money for one night so that a high profile celebrity could throw a party – not just live – in their house for a night. They declined the offer. However if some celebrity offers to rent this old house for some party or getaway I’m all game. Only about four items in my entire house are worth more than $1.98 so I figure I could bill them the damages and get some better stuff. Must work on that new outside paint scheme!

    • avatar admin says:

      Oftentimes, it’s easier for film or TV companies to rent actual homes than having to make a stage set. Google that, Winnie– they might bring in props of their own that they could leave behind when they’re done. Of course, you’d need to move out for a couple of months or so…. Wait a minute, didn’t you already move out and try living elsewhere-? Now you’re looking back on those fond days with the wacky neighbors-? You know it’s true…. 🙂

  3. avatar Winnie says:

    yeah, but they might put me up somewhere nicer than Kornfield with meth-head neighbors, even the new Hampton Inn in town would be an improvement over that adventure.

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