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The Un-real U.N.

templeFor over 3,000 years, Jerusalem has had ties to the Jewish people. King David declared it his capital in 1004 BC, with Abraham and Jacob figuring prominently in its history even before that. And this week, once again, the United Nations adopted six resolutions against Israel, refuting all Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

How ridiculous.

Only six countries stood in solidarity with Israel, the U.S. and Canada among them, along with some obscure island nations. Obviously, the world has selective memory when it comes to Jerusalem.

At no time, under numerous non-Jewish, foreign powers who have taken over Jerusalem through the yearsaerial-jerusalem from Roman, to Byzantine, to Persian, to Arab, to Mamluk and Ottoman Turks, has Jerusalem ever been declared a capital. Meanwhile, Jews continued to live there, although persecuted, considering it their eternal capital.

In modern times, Israel has been the target of more than 77 U.N. Resolutions, with Palestinians targeted only once.


divided-jerusalem-never-moreWhen was there a Palestinian state in the area, ruled by Arabs? When did they ever consider Jerusalem their capital?

In 1947, the United Nations voted to partition the region into a Jewish and an Arab state. In light of the Holocaust, and no other land willing to absorb surviving Jews, most thought it to be a workable plan. Not the Arabs.

The Arabs rejected the plan, wanting the entire region for themselves. So Israel declared statehood… and the fledgling country was immediately attacked by five Arab nations… and won.

On and on the history goes. With a divided Jerusalem and the Temple Mount under Jordanian rule from that thtime until 1967, not one Arab country ever declared Jerusalem as their capital. As a matter of fact, in the 1970s, the Palestine Liberation Organization was actually ousted from Jordan as agitators and terrorists.

Again, Israel was attacked in 1967 and won all of Jerusalem. You pick a fight, you need to deal with the consequences….

Now, the U.N. sides with the Palestinians. Is it any wonder? Apart from drilling for oil in their own countries, what are European nations to do— side with Israel? Of course, they will side with the Arabs!

photo So, step aside Abraham, King David, Jesus— new-found Palestinian rights to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem now take precedence. A bipartisan House resolution called on Obama to oppose anti-Israel efforts at the United Nations. Maybe President-elect Trump can negotiate a deal with other nations to show how it may be beneficial to them to do the right thing in terms of Israel, as well.

In a day of Middle Eastern immigrants creating havoc in European nations, it’s a time when countries see very clearly that Israel is the only regional democracy with values similar to our own. As never before, we need to understand that Israel is a friend and not a foe.


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