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The United Nations as a Pawn in Gaza

RocketsFromGazaGAZA CITY — “United Nations officials accused Israel of violating international law after artillery shells slammed into a school overflowing with evacuees Wednesday, an attack that Palestinian and U.N. officials said killed at least 20 people and wounded dozens as they slept.

It was one of the worst mass-casualty incidents of the three-week war. The building was the sixth U.N. school in the Gaza Strip to be rocked Hamas rocket launchersby explosions during the conflict….”

Gimme a break.

The reporting often overlooks, or puts way at the bottom of the page the fact that in three U.N. schools there have been found huge caches hamas3of rockets, hidden there on purpose by Hamas. These are your average, friendly, neighborhood terrorists who use human shields to protect their evil deeds… and then lament their loss and blame it on “Israel, the aggressor”.

The reporting also neglects to inform that the hits on a Gazan hospital and refugee camp were caused by Hamas, and not by Israel. The Palestinian rockets and mortars did not make it as far as they had Hamas_trains_kidshoped, and fell short of the Jewish nation, hitting their own people, instead.

Why not focus on the hundreds of tunnels that Hamas has dug… to kill innocent civilians and children inside of Israel? There are no soldiers to where they are digging. It’s farmland and families on Israel’s side of the border.

sickkidAnd there are schools and homes on Gaza’s side where the tunnels originate. That’s where they lead… from Palestinian civilians… to Israeli civilians… with terrorists all the way inbetween.

Keep in mind that the Palestinian people elected Hamas. Nobody talks about that. Yet, as in many elections where ridiculous promises are made and the populace realizes too late that it’s all smoke and mirrors, about the best one can hope for is for everyone to hopefully wake up A Palestinian sits in a smuggling tunnel beneath the Egyptian-Gaza borderand smell the Turkish coffee before the next election.

Gee, sounds kinda familiar.

If only regular people could work out their problems without politicians (and without terrorists), or either of them masquerading as the other, the world would be a better place.

Meanwhile, Hamas has got to go.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    From what I see online the educated Palestinians are getting fed up with Hamas. They lie about humanitarian aid received and use their people. Maybe this will be a turning point.

    • avatar admin says:

      We can hope. I understand the tensions when the children are taught from a young age to be suicide bombers, when your leaders are masked gunmen, and the news that you receive is untrustworthy. Electing others is easy for us in the West to say, but that’s what has to happen….

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