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The Wreaths of Williamsburg

The private homes, and public businesses, of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, deck their doors and windows with holiday décor.  On a recent stroll through the historic town, our family glimpsed swags, garlands, a dreidl-laden Hanukkah wreath, traditional evergreen looks, fruits studded with cloves, a wedding wreath, and materials on creative Christmas wreaths ranging from oyster shells, to corn-husk and rag dolls, to pomegranates, pineapples, dried flowers and peacock feathers.  Pewter drinking cups were found outside a tavern, and rolled and folded documents near the printer and post office.

Even Scotties Misha and Grisha enjoyed the excursion down the Duke of Gloucester Street, where Colonists of presumed Scottish descent greeted “the wee Angus”, and admired “our fine hounds”.

I was thankful that the tastier-looking wreaths were not at their eye level….

What great ideas we gleaned with every glance.





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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    How delightful to see all of the decorations. We have a housing division here that goes all out for the holidays. Nearly every house is highly decorated and thousands of cars and walkers come to enjoy it. We have our Grandsons with us for 6 days now and we took them last night. What fun to see all the lights and decorations through a child’s eyes again.

    We are wishing your family joyous holidays filled with fun and delight and sharing.

    • avatar admin says:

      How special, Sybil-! We’ve seen some neighborhoods like that and to be able to share them with grandchildren would have to be fun. Wishing you (and all of our readers) outstanding holidays this season!

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