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Therapeutic Horse Petting

IMG_3001 It had been a long day. Naturally, I was trying to cram in even more. Yet, we missed out on an event due to rush hour traffic. We’re never late, but this time we were not early. The other event reached capacity ahead of time and our family was turned away.

So we did the commonsense thing and headed for IMG_2994the stables.  The kids had been to horseback riding camp and really liked it.  This would be our quick fix to a day headed south.

With teen daughters, I knew this would be a calming step on a rainy day, just before more evening events. The boys loved it, as well. Petting a horse was right up there with playing with dogs. They loved to be loved.

On the stalls were written instructions, posted to IMG_2983let visitors know if a horse might bite, or under which temperatures he should be wearing his blanket. All prohibited the feeding of treats which left more time for us to pet.

“Look at the field mice!” our boys enthused, peering inside the stalls.

“Look at their faces!” the girls swooned over the horses, their heads hooking over the stalls, wide eyes beckoning some attention.

It took me back to my own childhood of riding and jumping: curry combs, sawdust riding rings, IMG_2988ramrod posture and heels down. Full circle I came with my own children as they bonded with the big guys in the barn.


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