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Three Jobs… and Three Jumps Forward

crOur three younger kids, in their late teens and early twenties, just landed their semi-dream jobs. In other words, their mother decided to point them in the right direction after seeing them flounder.  Rather than swoop in and save them, I gave them a little boost which, in turn, boosted their self-esteem even more.

The second son worked some distance away and we had spoken of making the commute quicker as summer traffic would soon be upon us. Now, the work atmosphere had turned sour as newer employees around his age started pressuring him concerning drugs and alcohol.

Reporting to us, he explained, “I told them no, I have not done those things. They will kill you,” he crconveyed. “But they told me, ‘You’re going to die some day, anyway!’”

“Good for you!” we cheered him on. “Anyone can approach you any time about drugs, so you need to be strong. But you’re outta there. Who wants to go to work to be harassed?”

He agreed and we helped him find a job, not in the back of house, but in the front at an establishment where he shined and could learn a number of new skills. He and his older brother stopped by, he filled out an application and both schmoozed with the director, landing it. Perfect.

crOur next daughter was a bit recalcitrant, having applied to several situations over a period of months. She undervalued herself and was adrift. A nudge in the right direction, a motivational talk, and she was off with her older brother who also walked her inside to apply. Dropping off the application, she was on the inside-track in no time, being called for an interview which she aced.

At more of a corporate setting, I coached her on hair, makeup, nail polish. Most of it, she followed. The rest, the employee handbook handled, lol, which spelled out in no uncertain terms what was appropriate from clothes, to behavior, to expectations. She was amazed and thrilled. She was in the big leagues. Perfect.

On to the baby of the family. Our youngest had never applied for a job and did not possess a good sense crof self. Nowadays, most applications were online and it was difficult to present her best accomplishments, since, in terms of work, she had none. But we tried. The form seemed to indicate that she should be 18, she needed to have prior work experience and on it went.

“Forget it,” I counseled. “You need to stop by and sell yourself.”

So she and her father popped over to the packed venue. Avoiding the crowds, they headed to a side door where they inquired… of the very person who would be conducting any potential future interview. Wonderful.

crHer father stepped back and she chatted with the lady who encouraged her and instructed her to fill out the online application after learning of her specific interests. Arriving home, I helped her. We had to get creative, just to get the application to go through.

A few days later, no call back.

“What are you waiting for?” I coached. “Get over there— you’ve got it goin’ on! You have to let them know you’re a serious applicant. Don’t sit here, waiting for them to call-!”

She and her father stopped by again, providentially bumping into the same lady and another who was from Human Resources and called out our daughter’s name.

“She’s adorable!” she called to Benedetto, who made his exit.

An interview was scheduled for days later and she nailed it. Got the job— first job, first application, first crtry! Perfect.

The other two got comments like: “Killer smile.” “So handsome and pleasant.”

Their self-confidence went through the roof. They learned that they could do this “on their own”, without “fixers” arranging interviews for them. They received their hearts’ desires in terms of positions where they could learn and grow.

How happy does it make you as a parent to have your kids grow and succeed and take on tasks which they imagined to be beyond their present skills???



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