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Three Outstanding Students

studentThis month, I’ve enjoyed hearing success stories about young people who are outstanding students. In other words, they stand out in the crowd. One is a new immigrant to the US from Sri Lanka, the next one’s parents immigrated here from India, and the third is a homegrown African-American. Each is brilliant in his own way.

Take 11-year-old Mohamed Naseem Mohamed Nashazdeen, who goes by Nashaz. He’s been in America just one month and during the first two weeks learned Spanish fluently in his Nashville ESL school, along with English. That makes seven languages he speaks: Tamil, Sinhala, Malay, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic, many of which he uses to help other students.

Then there’s Tanishq Abraham, another 11-year-old graduating with three associate college thdegrees at once: in math an physical sciences, general science and foreign language studies from American River College in Sacramento. Not too shabby.

His parents are a software engineer and a veterinarian and his younger sister is also a member of Mensa. Tanishq wants to study biomedical engineering and become a doctor, if not the President of the United States one day.

He seems to be well on his way.

ronald-nelsonOur last wonder kid is Ronald Nelson from Memphis, accepted into all eight Ivy League universities. With a 4.58 weighted GPA, 15 AP courses, musically talented, and very high SAT and ACT scores, none of the Ivies offered him any kind of scholarship.

Ronald departed from popular culture and embarked on the path less traveled: he rejected them all. The University of Alabama offered him a full-ride merit scholarship and he went with them. Celebrated by financial advisors, parents and students alike, Ronald says he made the decision in order to avoid the extreme debt that four years at a highly-rated college would incur. Looking forward to later medical school, he’s wise beyond his years.

Three young men, three students, good guys going places. Congrats to all!


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