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Thriving, Not Surviving

Stressful businessmanYou’ve heard it said that whatever doesn’t kill you, strengthens you. I’m not so sure about that. There must be a step in there that has been edited out. I don’t like the idea of runaway kids, divorce, abusive relationships, bankruptcy, being let go from your job, etc., because that kind of stuff can knock you off your equilibrium real fast.

But the good news is: at least you know about it.

What if any of the above happened… but somehow it was kept from you? What if somebody hid, deceived, and lied until you didn’t know up from down? That throws a further wrench in the story!

But sometimes, sometimes, with a lot of prayer and positivity, we can learn from our mistakes and trials of life. We can breakthroughregroup (if we have a plan) and we can progress. We can bolster our inadequacies and insufficiencies by quieting ourselves and repeating: God’s got this… and so do I.

Then spring into action. Get a plan and work it.  No more holding pattern. No more settling for less.  No more waiting for more bad news.  Deal with defeat.

breakthrough-coachingKnowledge is power. Shine the light on the problem, don’t try to sweep it under the rug. When you can see clearly, you’ll know what to do. Maybe not entirely, but it’s a start.

So get started. Be encouraged. Whatever comes your way, you’re more than enough to handle one way or another.

Handle it the high way and with your head up high.


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