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To the Covered Bridge

IMG_4803Columbus Day found us out and about in the countryside, searching for a pumpkin patch. This was not our original intention. We had other things to accomplish. But while we were there, I thought the family could use a picturesque autumn moment.

Naturally, Benedetto would not ask for directions. It’s a man thing. I get it. So I did. At a WalMart in the middle of nowhere, I asked at Customer Service.

After all, I was a customer and I needed service. That’s when they summoned country folk IMG_4804from every department, along with the manager. I became an all-points bulletin on the headphones of every employee. Speaking into their shoulder-mounted microphones, I heard, “Yes, sir, thank you, sir,” as though the Secret Service were being consulted on a Matter of State. Some were already searching the internet on their smarter-than-I-phones as they gathered.

IMG_4811“What, exactly, are you looking for?” they surrounded me and inquired.

“Locations for photo ops— you know, pumpkins, apples, mountains…” I explained.

That’s when the advice came rolling in from these salt-of-the-earth, sweet people. They gave me tips on farmer’s markets, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches. A number were open only on weekends, which didn’t help us on a Monday, but at least they were trying.

“How about a covered bridge?” one asked. “It goes over the river and you can’t get much IMG_4840more picturesque than that. The bridge is near pumpkin patches and corn mazes and lots of events on the same road.”

Be still my heart. In our neck of the woods, we don’t know of any covered bridges. Never mind that it was 45 minutes in the opposite direction, the kids were up for it which was surprising since it was later in the day. Benedetto followed GPS to locate the historic town; he then asked for further directions in a dusty, second-hand/antique shop on their main street. (Miracles do happen.)

IMG_4843We found the bridge, not so easy to photographically capture in the late-afternoon sun, but thrilling, nonetheless. The dogs enjoyed the big, historic, wooden structure, with Misha peering from his perch overlooking the water.

(He threw up shortly thereafter, but I wouldn’t use that to discredit our adventure. It may be vertigo, or an upset tummy, for all we know.)

There were beautiful surprises along our drive that I’ll share with you over the next couple of days….


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